Book Three - Ill Omens

The Anarch Revolt-

In the end the War of Princes died a slow, bloody death, not on the open battlefield but in the courts of the survivors as long forgotten vassals cut the hamstrings of their once-lieges.

These Elders, so busy attacking and defending against their enemies, both living and dead, that they never thought to turn their eyes home. They never suspected that their progeny would try to free themselves from their icy grip.

At the dawn of the fifteenth century the young rose up to destroy the very oldest of their kind and the War of Princes gave way to the Anarch Revolt.

If the destruction of two of the original vampires wasn’t enough to start a war than the destruction of the three most powerful Cainites in Europe was.

With the fall of High Lord Hardestadt, Lord Silvester de Ruiz, and Noritz the Corrupter all hell broke loose.

This was not a war met on the field of battle or within the Parlors and courts of elders. This was an outburst of violence and destruction unlike anything that had ever been seen in the history of the Long Night.

Elders who had survived the millennia unscathed were devoured by their children as they slept. Lords and Ladies of the Night were burned alive in their homes by young Cainites whom they’d never met.

The Church too went to war with the vampires, the inquisition began working more fiercely than ever, destroying any who survived the onslaught of their childer.

The once mighty Empires and Fiefs had, by now, been long forgotten and the very survival of the Clans themselves began to be questioned as another of the Clan Founders found themselves at the mercy of his hungry children.

The very future of the species was hanging in the balance, until a small coterie of seven vampires led by the long thought dead Hardestadt came forward with a plan…

Ill Omens

…And when the Darkness falls, and Blackness snuffs the Angel’s light. So passes anoher barrier, and the Final Nights draw ever closer.Author Unknown

The Anarchs, while always dangerous in the west, have become a true threat to the Cainites of Transylvania. Once a scattering of bitter but impotent childer, the Movement has become a powerful force for revolution in the Land Beyond the Forest backed by powerful monsters who were spurned by their masters.

All the while the fires of the Inquisition burn brighter as the Witch’s Hammer falls upon the damned that walk among the Carpathians. Less and less do the mortals cower from the predators that stalk the night. Empowered by the Church, those that once served as prey have become the hunters.

And all the while the words of Octavio ring in the ears of those who were there to hear.

Prelude – Hell Hath None
Chapter Ten – The Last Supper
Chapter Eleven – Dracula
Chapter Twelve – Thorns
Chapter Thirteen – Revelation in Amber

Book Three - Ill Omens

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