Myca Vykos

6th Generation Tzimisce, Childe of Symeon of Byzantium


Myca Vykos
Anarch Mastermind
Clan: Tzimisce
Embrace: 1002
Apparent Age: indeterminate
Mental Attributes: Intelligence ••••, Wits ••••, Resolve •••
Physical Attributes: Strength ••••, Dexterity ••••, Stamina •••
Social Attributes: Presence •••••, Manipulation •••, Composure ••••
Mental Skills: Academics (Law) ••••, Investigation •, Medicine (Body Craft) •••••, Occult (superstitions) •••, Politics (Intrigue) ••, Travel (Europe) •••••
Physical Skills: Athletics (Archery) •••, Brawl ••••, Ride •••, Stealth ••, Survival •••
Social Skills: Animal Ken ••, Empathy •, Expression •••, Socialize •••, Subterfuge ••••
Merits: Area of Expertise (Interrogation), Allies (Sabbats) •••, Contacts (Academic, Anarch, Byzantine), Herd •••••, Languages (Romanian; Greek, Hungarian, French, Russian) Resources •••••, Retainer ••••, Retainer ••, Rituals •••••, Status (Anarch) •••••
Willpower: 7
Morality: Bones 7
Requiem: Manipulator
Masquerade: Scholar
Health: 11
Initiative: 8
Defense: 9
Speed: 13
Generation/Blood Potency: 6/8
Vitae/ per turn: 30/8
Disciplines: Animalism (Survival) ••, Auspex (Investigation) •••, Celerity (Athletics) ••, Dominate (Persuasion) •••, Majesty (Expression) ••, Vicissitude (Medicine) •••••


Myca seemed destined for greatness from a young age. As a child, his fits and visions brought him to the attention of House Tremere within the Order of Hermes. He learned the basics of spellcraft and proved such an adept student that he inspired jealousy in the magus Goratrix. Goratrix’s later attempt to betray Myca to Tzimisce Cainites backfired, and the young boy found himself among the Fiends.

Eventually, Myca came to hate his clan and fled to Constantinople with the aid of his sire, Symeon, a Tzimisce renegade. The great books of Alexandria became Myca’s silent teachers while the political juggernauts within the Byzantine courts taught him the subtleties of influence. Like the other Cainites of the city, however, Myca became enamored with the Toreador Michael and the Methuselah’s delusions of divinity.
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Alas, neither Constantinople nor Michael lasted. When the Fourth Crusade destroyed the city, both Myca and his sire fled to the Balkan strongholds of their Tzimisce brethren. Although they left Michael’s legacy behind, his reach would greatly affect Myca even after the Methuselah’s Final Death. During Myca’s years in Constantinople, Michael encouraged Myca’s thirst for knowledge. It was his intent to make the young Tzimisce a walking record of Constantinople, Michael’s vision of Heaven on Earth. Unbeknownst to Myca, the Toreador Methuselah instilled him with this vision and with a need to preserve Constantinople’s legacy. Myca became Michael’s architect, building a new kingdom without the mistakes of the past.

Myca carried out Michael’s dreams by crafting a living empire of flesh rather than stone. His city was to be a community of Cainites founded on pillars of blood and bone. His participation in the Sabbat’s formation was the first step toward that goal. During the Antitribu uprising, better known as the Anarch Revolt, the Anarchs attacked the elders’ strongholds to destroy everything associated with their former masters. Myca, on the other hand, played the monster while torturing Symeon – repeatedly absorbing and regurgitating his sire before the final act of diablerie – but also took the role of scholar when he saved books at risk to his own existence. During the uprising, Myca aided his allies, Lugoj and Velya, and proved pivotal aid to the nascent Sabbat movement as Priscus.

At Thorns, Vykos revealed the secret of creating “Larvae” eternally frenzying half-vampires that can be embraced en masse.

Though no one witnessed his final death it is believed that the ancient vampire met final death on that field of blood when the Malkavian Kyrillos Dimities, a longtime ally of the Fiend, took control of the Larvae and turned them upon their supposed master.

Myca Vykos

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