Third Generation Founder of the Usurper Clan Tremere, Arch-Usurper who Diablerized Saulot


The tall, dark and foreboding Tremere was the vaguely tragic founder of the House and clan that bear his name. Tremere was a central European mage born in the 8th century AD who was known for being cold-blooded, brilliant, and a radical. Inducted into the Order of Hermes during the early dark ages, Tremere was ambitious enough to create his own house (the majority of House names are either titles or refer to mages who existed near the founding of the order).

As with other Hermetic mages, he found that the encroaching, if nascent, Consensus was affecting vital Hermetic tools, in particular the longevity potions that allowed him and his peers to live so long. Casting for solutions with his disciples, he eventually settled on a potion using Vampiric blood that would (theoretically) provide all the benefits of vampirism without the side effects.

It half worked. Tremere and his councilors found themselves converted from a respected, Hermetic house into pariahs among the Order of Hermes and the vampires whose blood they had stolen to convert themselves into undead. Furthermore, with no knowledge of vampiric society, the fledgling bloodline found itself with no magical resources – the potion shattered their avatars, leaving them unable to work true magic.

Tremere rallied his students and launched an intensive program of research and rebuilding that shook vampiric society. They developed a blood-fueled imitation of Hermetic theory, the Thaumaturgy discipline, as well as horrors such as Gargoyles to defend the fledgling line. In the meantime, the Tremere searched out additonal sources to provide them with social defenses against the vampires who, to a clan, seemed singly intent on exterminating them. Tremere learned about Antediluvians and resolved to create a clan by diablerizing one. He chose the relatively innocuous Saulot.

…It half worked…


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