The Eldest

Third Generation Founder of the Tzimisce; childe of Irad


Ancient beyond knowing, should he awake, the creature called ‘The Eldest’ would be as a god walking upon the earth, bound only by the sun… if that.

should they face him no vampire born after the deluge would be incapable of survive the assault.


This Story of the Eldest as told by Velya the Flayer

What the Eldest originally was is open to debate, although only marginal interest – the Tzimisce consider humans to be clay at best, and the Eldest’s mortal existence would be a trivial prelude to a far more important undead career. However, at least one legend among the Tzimisce suggests that the Eldest was an experiment. Enoch, seeking to expel all of his bestial qualities spat out his existence into an Embrace using a modification of the Protean discipline – the beast, according to those Metamorphosists who adopt this theory is not just rage, but also change, whimsy, intuition and imagination, all traits that the Eldest showed after its embrace. In this interpretation, the Eldest is not just a creature, but also a visible manifestation of Vicissitude.

The Eldest struck out early, eventually travelling to Eastern Europe, where it became tied to the land and Kupala, the demon of the area. Kupala’s instruction of Tzimisce eventually culminated in an event known as Kupala’s Night. Before the Deluge, and long before the rise of Rome, Tzimisce and its eldest and wisest childer gathered in the depths of the Carpathian mountains. Though the Lupines attempted to keep the demon-spirit imprisoned, the Tzimisce triumphed, and Kupala was set free – mostly. All of its chains to the mortal world were broken, save two: the Carpathian mountains, within which it had been bound for so long… and Tzimisce itself.

With the rest of the great demon freed, its only outlet was into the Clan, through the blood of the Antediluvian. The childer of the Eldest speak of a legendary single night in the Clan’s history, during which their powers of Vicissitude were heightened to incredible levels, and their sorcerous magicks rivaled that of the gods. This was known as Kupala’s Night – the night the Tzimisce Clan established their power and damned themselves for the rest of eternity.

The Eldest

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