Teresa Balgrad

6th Generation Lasombra, Childe of Silvester de Ruiz


Teresa Balgrad
Black Queen of Alba Iulia
Clan: Lasombra
Embrace: 1130
Apparent Age: Late 40’s
Mental Attributes: Intelligence •••, Wits ••, Resolve ••••
Physical Attributes: Strength •••, Dexterity •••, Stamina ••
Social Attributes: Presence •••, Manipulation ••••, Composure ••••
Mental Skills: Academics ••, Investigation •, Occult (Noddist Lore) ••••, Politics (Protocol) •••
Physical Skills: Archery •, Athletics ••, Brawl ••, Stealth (Shadowing) ••, Weaponry •••
Social Skills: Empathy •, Expression •••, Intimidation •••, Persuasion (Seduction, Cutting a Deal) •••, Socialize •••, Streetwise •••, Subterfuge •••
Merits: Allies (Tzimisce) ••, Haven Security ••, Haven Location •, Herd •••, Languages (Spanish; Arabic, Enochian, Latin, Romanian, Slavonic), Status (Alba Iulia) •••, Status (Anarch) ••, Striking Looks ••
Willpower: 8
Morality: Kings 5
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Envy
Health: 8
Initiative: 12
Defense: 3 (4 vs. Ranged attacks)
Speed: 11
Generation: 6
Vitae/ per turn: 30/5
Disciplines: Celerity (Athletics) •, Dominate (Persuasion) •••••, Obtenebration (Occult) ••••, Resilience (Intimidation) •, Vigor (Weaponry) •••••


The Black Queen known to the members of her conspiracy as Teresa is regal and proper woman who is used to getting what she wants, whether you want to give it to her or not.

While she can completely bend your mind to her will or take it by force, she prefers to work in the shadows and slowly undermine her rivals in order to place herself in a position to gain from someone’s downfall.

Teresa can be loyal to those she considers friends, unless they prove to be unworthy of her time, then they can easily be dropped and stronger alliances can be made. However for now they have proven themselves to be worthy of her loyalty unlike the various husbands she has had over the years.

The only man she has found (aside from those within her circle of friends)worth keeping around is Vanko her childe who has been at her side for more than two centuries.

After her sire’s final humiliation she realizes that no longer wishes to be at his beck and call waiting for him to humiliate her again. So she made plans and called in favors until she finally had the reinforcements needed to destroy her sire and make his blood hers.

Sherazhina, one of the few Tzimisce Teresa trusts agreed to help, the only thing she wanted was Erzebet, the treacherous snake who betrayed Teresa to her sire, it seemed only fitting that if Sherazhina was to help her with obtain her sire’s blood then Teresa would willing help Sherazhina remove herself from the same burden.

Besides Sanchez’s pet may prove useful in if she wished to gain trade and other things from her brother the new ruler of the Tzimisce stronghold which was uncomfortably close to her own lands.

Teresa Balgrad

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