Sascha Vykos

6th Generation Tzimisce, Angel of Caine


Clan: Tzimisce
Embrace: 1492
Apparent Age: indeterminate
Mental Attributes: Intelligence ••••, Wits ••••, Resolve ••••
Physical Attributes: Strength ••••, Dexterity ••••, Stamina •••
Social Attributes: Presence •••••••, Manipulation ••••, Composure ••••
Mental Skills: Academics •••••, Investigation •••, Medicine (Body Craft) •••••, Occult (superstitions) •••••, Politics (Intrigue) ••••, Travel (Europe) •••••
Physical Skills: Athletics (Archery) •••, Brawl ••••, Ride •••, Stealth ••, Survival •••
Social Skills: Animal Ken ••, Empathy •, Expression •••, Intimidation (Interrogation) •••••, Socialize •••, Subterfuge ••••
Merits: Area of Expertise (Interrogation), Allies (Sabbats) •••, Contacts (Academic, Anarch, Byzantine), Herd •••••, Resources •••••, Retainer ••••, Retainer ••, Rituals •••••, Status (Anarch) •••••
Willpower: 8
Morality: Path of Death and the Soul 9
Requiem: Horror
Masquerade: Occultist
Health: 11
Initiative: 8
Defense: 9
Speed: 13
Generation/Blood Potency: 6/8
Vitae/ per turn: 30/8
Disciplines: Animalism (Survival) ••••, Auspex (Investigation) ••••, Celerity (Athletics) ••, Dominate (Persuasion) •••••, Majesty (Expression) ••••, Thaumaturgy •••••, Resilience (Intimidation) •••, Vicissitude (Medicine) ••••• ••
Thaumaturgical Paths: Path of Blood •••••, Lure of Flames •••••, Movement of the Mind ••


Over the centuries, Sascha has served its sect as scholar and warrior. In both roles, it acts as wandering priscus, though its manner of advising regional cardinals seems more akin to making strong “suggestions” than polite recommendations. As scholar, it maintains ancient libraries and repositories across the Balkan states. In this role, Sascha is an ally to the old-guard Sabbat who appreciate the strength of knowledge. As warrior, however, Sascha is also a frightening tool of retribution. With mastery over Vicissitude and Thaumaturgy, it can best most adversaries. Generally, though, it prefers to capture foes rather than kill them. Many of Sascha’s prisoners have endured sessions of alternating torture and ecstatic pleasure that last for decades. Its victims are often unsure whether they are undergoing torture or rape.

In this violent facet, Sascha appeals to the younger Sabbat. Collectively, in turn, the Sabbat is a weapon for Sascha, a living battlement against the rapacious Antediluvians – the adversaries in Sascha’s morality play. Every death it inflicts strengthens the Sabbat’s position; every splatter of blood is part of God’s portrait; every agonizing cry is a nail in Heaven’s unliving city. That is why it knows how each nerve screams, how much blood flows from specific wounds and how much fat it can rob from a mortal body before death.

Sascha Vykos

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