Sister Lupe

7th Generation Brujah Antitribu, Childe of Fernando Marchetti


Noddist Enforcer
Clan: Brujah
Embrace: 1444
Apparent Age: Early 30’s
Mental Attributes: Intelligence •••¸Wits ••, Resolve •••
Physical Attributes: Strength •••, Dexterity •••, Stamina ••
Social Attributes: Presence ••, Manipulation ••¸Composure •••
Mental Skills: Academics •••, Investigation ••, Occult ••••, Religion ••, Science •
Physical Skills: Athletics •, Brawl (Larger Opponents) •••, Larceny ••¸Stealth ••, Weaponry (Vampires) •
Social Skills: Expression •, Intimidation (Faith) •, Persuasion •, Streetwise •, Subterfuge ••
Merits: Danger Sense ••, Fast Reflexes ••, Language (Spanish; Latin, Romanian), Necromantic Lore •, Noddist Lore •••, Status (Sabbat) •, Striking Looks ••, Vampire Lore ••
Willpower: 6
Morality: 7
Dirge: Enforcer
Mask: Scholar
Health: 7
Initiative: 10
Defense: 6
Speed: 13
Generation: 7
Vitae/ per turn: 20/7
Disciplines: Celerity (Athletics) ••, Majesty (Expression) ••, Necromancy •, Obfuscate (Larceny) •, Vigor (Brawl) •••
Necromancy Path: Sepulchre Path •


When Guadalupe was 5 her mother and older sister were killed by a demon while her and her father were away at market, Her little brother survived because her mother hid him in a cupboard. Lupe took care of her brother until she was 8 years old. That was the year her brother died from a high fever and lesions. After that tragedy, Guadalupe’s father left her with the convent.

She joined the Dominican Order when she was 20 years old. There she was taught about guilt and how diverse it was. She was also taught how executing the heretic admitted defeat at the hands of the devil, that repentance was preferred. When she was 24 the young nun was inducted into the Inquisition and began hunting the Night-Demons (Creatures who called themselves Las Sombras). by 25 she became one of its scouts and spies, tasked with discovering their nests and alerting the order and inquisition when it was best to strike.

Guadalupe has had several close calls over the years, but after nearly fifteen years her zeal had become diminished, even as her piety grew. The nun began to yearn for a peacefully quiet existence.

When her church had received the invitation to the dinner party being held by the Italian Count the inquisition chose her to go and investigate, a great honor and vote of confidence.

She was honored to do so. She would sniff out any La Sombra that might blight the land of the Sighisoara.

In death her passions, which had burned so brightly in her youth, had returned with an infernal intensity and she learned quickly the importance of keeping them in check.

Since those first nights of becoming that which she as hunted, Guadalupe decided she must only drain life from a mortal tainted with sin, from those that deserved it.

She decided that she would delve into the lore of these vampires, these childer of Caine, she would learn all she could of their society by mastering it, and when she was ready she would take the power she’d come to wield and use it to destroy them.

She would turn her furious passion into a weapon against them, she would become the Inquisition’s greatest and weapon and they would never even know she was there.

And once she was done, and the blight was scoured from God’s Creation, she would allow herself to finally pass from this world.


Sister Lupe

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