Ibrahim al-Rashid

10th Generation Assamite Antitribu, Childe of Ziyad al-Djahiz


Ibrahim al-Rashid
Necromantic Assassin
Clan: Banu Haqim (Warrior Caste)
Sire: Ziyad al-Djahiz
Embrace: 1189
Apparent Age: Late Thirties
Mental Attributes: Intelligence •••, Wits •••, Resolve •••
Physical Attributes: Strength •••, Dexterity ••, Stamina •••
Social Attributes: Presence •••, Manipulation •••, Composure ••
Mental Skills: Academics •••, Investigation •, Medicine ••••, Occult •••, Politics ••, Religion ••••
Physical Skills: Archery ••, Athletics •, Larceny (Sleight of hand) •••, Ride ••, Stealth (Assassination) ••••, Survival •••, Weaponry •••
Social Skills: Empathy •, Expression •, Intimidation ••, Persuasion •••, Socialize (etiquette) ••, Streetwise (Information Gathering) ••, Subterfuge •••
Merits: Contacts (Turks, Ghosts, Anarchs), Haven Security •, Languages (Arabic; Greek, Latin, Romanian), Meditative Mind •, Resources ••, Status (Banu Haqim) ••
Willpower: 5
Morality: Blood 3 (Fixation 5, Obsession 4)
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Wrath
Health: 8
Initiative: 4
Defense: 6
Speed: 10
Generation: 10
Vitae/ per turn: 13/2
Disciplines: Auspex (Empathy) •, Celerity (Larceny) •••, Dur-an-ki ••, Necromancy ••, Obfuscate (Stealth) ••••, Quietus (Weaponry) •••, Vicissitude (Medicine) •
Paths: Hand of the Magi ••, Sepulcher Path ••
Rituals: Deflect the Wooden Doom, Ashen Caul

Codex of Sepulchral Secrets
Twin Ulak Daggers(Discretion and Valor)
Crusades era Saracen armor (all white)
Leather armor


An excerpt from the journals of Al-Rashid:

“The Night is long, and memory fails us. Thus I keep record so that I may be repaid by my debtors.” —Vendramino Giovanni, betrayer of confidences

Though I am loath to find anything the filthy corpse-monger hath said to be of any value, perhaps he was correct. For the night is indeed long and I find my faculties strained at times to remember the length of my tale. So it is in this spirit I commit my deeds to parchment, in order that I remember my place throughout the ages.

My life began in a city now known as Dubai in the year 1153, born the first child of the wealthy trader Omar Al-Rashid. My father’s vast fortunes made from pearl trading afforded me the best education Muslim society could offer, and it soon became apparent that Allah had called me the first born to a higher purpose than the tradings of coin. Until my 24th year I restlessly pursued knowledge, collecting up any books brought in by traders from east and west. But it was never enough, my mind and my heart hunger for more. So it came to be, at the encouragement of my father; I would leave Dubai and journey to the holy city of Mecca on Haaj. It was in the city where I would find my mortal calling, as an Imam to the mighty Allah. Yet even the knowledge and station of the faith were not enough to sate my thirst for more. The mullahs preached of peace and commerce with the infidels, that the children of the book might walk hand in hand into the light. Yet all around me nothing was done. I began to again grow restless and weary with what limited knowledge was to be had. The secrets of Mecca and the faith had long since lost all luster in my eyes. Over time I heard news of the Sultan Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn. I pleaded incessantly with the Mullahs for their leave to join this Holy warrior and at last they gave me leave to follow him.

Late in the year 1189 I had risen to within the inner circle of the sultan, being one of his trusted personal clerics. The man’s greatness had astounded me without limits. On the battlefield he was a genius of arms and tactics, scoring more victories in his time than any had for our faith before him. It would be under his leadership we would reclaim the holy land from the European squatters. Yet whereas our Christian counter parts would either evict my brethren or put them to the sword, Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn would show compassion and allow free and open worship to them. Affording children of the book safe passage throughout the holy lands. It was this inspiration that had prompted me to take up the sword. Though not an imposing figure on the battlefield I became a capable Saracen and laid low many crusaders. In diplomacy, I followed the will of lord Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn with unwavering conviction; allowing all those of Christian and Hebrew blood the same rights and courtesies afforded to my kin. I had finally found my place in the world and for a time was happy. Then came the disastrous battle for Arsuf, with the majority of our vanguard decimated we were first into retreat. It was here during evening meal where the treacherous Hashashi struck at my lord. But Allah again favored his life, for mine was the poisoned cup. And for a time I slumbered, lingering on the doorway to the afterlife. Late at night the foolish assassin Ziyad al-Djahiz entered into my tent where I lie dying. Breaking the peace of what should have been my final slumber. Shaking uncontrollably the demon told me of his true masters, and how his venom had not been bound for my veins but for my masters. He told me of his clan the Banu Haqim, and how they had watched me for many years. Silently guiding me towards their ranks, subtly influencing my life. He waxed about how he had failed them and was likely to die in return for my loss. It was then that he offered me a choice; succumb to the poison coursing through my veins, or accept his vile embrace and be born anew. I chose to live, believing Allah had not yet discharged me from his service. And so it was that I died that night and rose again as one of the damned.

إبراهيم الراشد
بنو هاشم المحارب

Ibrahim al-Rashid

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