The Saga

A World of Darkness

The World in which we live in is a scary place. Between, war, natural disasters, madmen, economic crises, wanton criminals, and acts of God it’s a wonder that we can make it through the day without going mad. When we go to bed at night we tell ourselves that tomorrow is going to better, that the sun will shine and all of our fears will be banished.

Those of us that believe in God pray for a brighter future, and those that don’t hope for the same thing.

And for the most part, that future finally comes.

Conspiracies, for the most part, don’t exist to crush the spirit of mankind.

There are no boogey-men, no monsters under our bed, no creeping dread that the night holds anything that hungers for our blood.

In its own mad way, the world makes perfect sense.

But what if it didn’t?

What if all those crazy stories that conspiracy nuts rant about were true? What if the boogeyman wasn’t a metaphor and the monster under your bed really could steal you away?

What if the shadows really were hungry?

What if every urban legend, every superstition and every monster we dress up as on Halloween was out there, watching, and biding their time before they snatched you up and drank away your life’s blood?

What if they made you like them?

This is the World of Darkness. It’s our world through a broken mirror, where shadows are a little longer, a little darker and, when you look out of the corner of your eye, sometimes they really do move on their own.

A world where that old woman that kids call a witch really does eat the souls of those that cross her and that abandoned house really is haunted.

An Age of Dark Enlightenment

If monsters do exist and hideously vast conspiracies are real then the place where they meet, the thing at the top of that grotesque food-chain must be the Vampire. Eternal monsters that hunger for blood and power in equal measures the damned rarely think of themselves as such.

They call themselves so many things, Kindred, Cainites, the Undead, they group into cliques and factions called the Camarilla or the Sabbat or the Inconnu and they work against one another each night using the great herd of humanity as their pawns. And they do it all without anyone ever knowing.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Even Immortals have a history…




The Saga

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