Children of Caine

Vampires within the World of Darkness are supernatural creatures whose origin is found in the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. For the murder of his brother, Cain was cursed by God to become the first Vampire (hence, he is known as the Father of All Vampires, and his childer known as Cainites).

Vampires all began life as human beings, until they were assaulted, drained of blood, and Embraced by another vampire. After the Embrace, the physical body dies until it is reinvigorated by an infusion of vampire blood (“vitae”), at which point it becomes animate and inviolate. Vampires can heal most wounds easily, and so their bodies are henceforth trapped at a point of physical stasis – a child Embraced by a vampire will physically remain a child forever. Vampires have no pulse, no body-heat, no respiration, and their bodies no longer produce any chemicals or excretions. The most visible difference between vampires and mortal humans are the elongated canine teeth, which lengthen into fangs after the Embrace. (The vampire can learn to “sheathe” their fangs to make their teeth appear normally human.)

Vampires are cursed to walk abroad only under the cover of night, as sunlight burns their immortal flesh and can easily lead to their permanent destruction, known as the Final Death. They are also vulnerable to fire. Each individual Clan and bloodline of vampires has their own specific weakness, as well. It is unknown what happens to a vampire’s soul after the Final Death; some speculate that it is cursed to go to Hell, others that it faces oblivion, and a very few vampires believe they can redeem themselves and enter Heaven (or their faith’s nearest equivalent).

The power of a vampire grows the longer they exist; in chronological order, they are known as fledglings, then neonates, then ancillae, and if they are lucky they will become known as Elders. A few extremely low-generation vampires (those who are closest to the mythical Caine) are known as Methuselahs, while those ancient creatures that are said to have founded the Thirteen Clans are known as Antediluvians, for it is said that they are all that survived Noah’s flood. There was no other vampire before Caine, but myth references other prehistoric figures such as Lilith (the apocryphal first wife of Adam), the Crone, Lucifer, and others who may have had something to do with the early development of vampire-kind.

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Children of Caine

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