The Chronicler

The unknown Enochian Chronicler that the Conspiracy discovered in Tihuta Pass.


Thus, I set down my true visions that I may remember and keep to the path that I have chosen. Only I of us all shall know the truth and this shall be my shield and my spear. Most exalted shall I be in the time of the final days. Even the father shall quail before my might. Let the lesser ones war one upon the other, each hearkening to the omens that I have foreseen. Fools, all! By my guile, they know not the actual signs, but merely shadows of the things that shall be. Let the world tremble when I come in my might and majesty, for I shall rule above our father, above the mother who gave succor to our father, above the children of Seth, yea, even above God himself. Let the Reign of blood commence.

I have found the key to power. It lies in surrender. Thus shall my name be forgotten or revered by my brethren. From within my own destruction, I shall fasten my gaze upon those who would seek my exalted destiny for themselves. Lo, let them be wary, for I have seen the unfolding of fate. I shall come again when my time is nigh.


The Chronicler

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