Third Generation Founder of the Cappadocian Clan, Childe of Enoch


Cappadocius was sired in Enoch with the other Antediluvians, chosen for his intellect and his interest in matters surrounding death. As a clan founder of the Cappadocians, some of whom would later be known as the Harbingers of Skulls, he was always a mystic and a dreamer, leading both to the grandiosity of his plans (diablerizing God) and the depth of his mistakes (the Feast of Folly). Cappadocius’ name was an epithet for his point of origin (the Anatolia region of Turkey) rather than a personal name: whenever he was asked about his origins he would only say that he was “from Cappadocia”.

Cappadocius is unusually active for an Antediluvian; he embraced Christianity (although with his own particular twist).


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