The Transylvania Saga is a game set in the Classic World of Darkness but played with the updated New World of Darkness rules.

Beginning in the wilds of Transylvania in the spring of 1197, the Saga chronicles the lives of half dozen or so vampires, members of a society of the Damned that reaches across the breadth of the known world.

Throughout the centuries since their first meeting, this Conspiracy has survived the savagery of the Crusades, a war amongst the damned, and the betrayal of those who they trusted most.

Along with this site, we are also posting sessions at RPGnet which also has a lot of commentary and insight into the story.

As of March of 2014, we are no longer updating the Transylvania Saga due to events outside our control we were unable to continue the story. I am sorry for the inconvenience of not finishing the story.

If you know the setting of the World of Darkness than you can jump right into our chronicle:

If, however, you’re new to the World of Darkness or want a refresher than you’re going to want to check out more on the Vampires who stalk the night:


I would like to thank Wolfhound for helping me understand how this site works and how to make it look as good as it does. Thank you to the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki, from which I’ve cribbed a great deal of information. All the images appearing on this site were culled from various sources on the internet and then altered by myself using GIMP 2. I would also like to thank Glenn Moyer for the awesome glyphs he created to represent the Antediluvians and for allowing me to use them.

The Transylvania Saga

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